Ohio University

Contact Lists for Arts & Sciences and Regional Higher Education

Who to Call

The contact lists below reflect topics that often arise in communications between A&S and regional campuses; see college and departmental websites for contact information on other topics.

College of Arts & Sciences

Dean’s Office

Staffing approvals, student learning assessment, curriculum:
Associate Dean: Dr. Sarah Poggione

African American Studies

Chair: Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries

Staffing approvals: Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries

Student learning assessment: Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Gary Holcomb

Biological Sciences

Chair: Dr. Robert Colvin

Staffing approvals: Dr. Robert Colvin

Student learning assessment: Dr. Janet Duerr

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Chris Schwirian

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chair: Dr. Stephen Bergmeier

Staffing approvals: Dr. Stephen Bergmeier

Student learning assessment: Dr. Lauren McMills

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Corey Beck

Classics & World Religions

Chair: Dr. Brian Collins

Staffing approvals: Dr. Brian Collins

Student learning assessment:

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Loren Lybarger


Chair: Dr. Harold M. Winter

Staffing approvals: Dr. Harold M. Winter

Student learning assessment: Dr. Bolong Cao

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Shamila Jayasuriya


Chair: Dr. Linda Rice

Staffing approvals: Dr. Linda Rice

Student learning assessment: Dr. Jill Ingram

Undergraduate curriculum: 

Environmental & Plant Biology

Chair: Dr. Allan Showalter

Staffing approvals: Dr. Allan Showalter

Student learning assessment: Dr. Glenn Matlack

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Glenn Matlack


Chair: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Staffing approvals: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Student learning assessment: Dr. Jim Dyer

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Risa Whitson

Geological Sciences

Chair: Dr. Alycia L. Stigall

Staffing approvals: Dr. Alycia L. Stigall

Student learning assessment: Dr. Keith Milam

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Alycia L. Stigall


Chair: Dr. Brian Schoen

Staffing approvals: Dr. Brian Schoen

Student learning assessment: Dr. Robert Ingram

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Jackie Maxwell


Chair: Dr. David Bell

Staffing approvals: Dr. David Bell

Student learning assessment: Dr. Hiroyuki Oshita, Dr. Liang Tao

Undergraduate curriculum: Michelle O'Malley


Director: Dr. Dawn Bikowski

Undergraduate curriculum:  Dr. Dawn Bikowski

Staffing approvals: Dr. Dawn Bikowski, Dr. David Bell

Student learning assessment: Dr. Dawn Bikowski


Chair: Dr. Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Staffing approvals: Dr. Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Student learning assessment: Dr. Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Todd Young

Modern Languages

Chair: Dr. Chris Coski

Staffing approvals: Dr. Chris Coski

Student learning assessment: Dr. Mary Jane Kelley

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Herta Rodina


Director: Dr. Gerry Krzic

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Gerry Krzic

Staffing approvals: Dr. Gerry Krzic

Student learning assessment: Dr. Gerry Krzic


Acting Chair: Dr. James Petrik

Staffing approvals: Dr. James Petrik

Student learning assessment: Dr. Alfred Lent

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Scott Carson

Physics & Astronomy

Chair: Dr. David Ingram

Staffing approvals: Dr. David Ingram

Student learning assessment: Dr. Horacio Castillo

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Horacio Castillo

Political Science

Chair: Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Staffing approvals: Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Student learning assessment: Dr. Jay Ryu

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Michael Burton


Chair: Dr. Jeffrey B. Vancouver

Staffing approvals: Dr. Susan Tice-Alicke

Student learning assessment: Dr. Susan Tice-Alicke

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Susan Tice-Alicke

Sociology & Anthropology

Chair: Dr. Cynthia Anderson


Staffing approvals: Dr. Stephen Scanlan

Student learning assessment: Dr. Ted Welser

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Stephen Scanlan


Staffing approvals: Dr. Diane Ciekawy

Student learning assessment: Dr. Diane Ciekawy

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Diane Ciekawy

Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Director: Dr. Cynthia Anderson

Staffing approvals: Dr. Cynthia Anderson

Student learning assessment: Dr. Kim Little

Undergraduate curriculum: Dr. Kim Little

Regional Higher Education

The contact lists below provide the leadership contacts for Regional Higher Education. For all campuses, questions regarding faculty approvals, course schedules, or related issues should be directed to the associate dean.  

Executive Dean’s Office

Interim Executive Dean: Dr. Nicole Pennington

Assistant Dean: Dr, Carissa Anderson

Director of Operations & Budget: Rosanna Howard

Executive Assistant: Kim Hayden

Chillicothe Campus

Interim Dean: Dr. Dywayne Nicely

Note: The Chillicothe campus currently does not have an associate dean.

Division Coordinator Applied Science & Professions: Dr. Robb Moats

Division Coordinator Technical & Life Science: Dr. James McKean

Eastern Campus

Interim Dean: Dr. Robert (Bob) Klein

Division Coordinator: Dr. John Prather

Note: The Eastern campus does not have an associate dean. The associate dean duties related to instructional staffing approvals and scheduling fall to the division coordinator.

Lancaster Campus

Dean: Dr. James Smith

Associate Dean: Dr. Paul Abraham

Division Coordinator Professional Studies: Dr. Christine Wolfe

Division Coordinator Arts & Sciences: Dr. Patrick Drumm

Southern Campus

Dean: Dr. Nicole Pennington

Associate Dean: Dr. Salome Nnoromele

Division Coordinator:  Dr. Debbie Marinski

Zanesville Campus

Dean: Dr. Jeremy Webster

Associate Dean: Dr. Hannah Nissen

Interim Division Coordinator: Dr. Dev Polling