Ohio University

Recommended Check-Sheet for Improved Communication and Collaboration

Part of the May 2015 Report of the A&S/RHE Task Force.

Improve Communication (Athens chair, regional liaisons and instructors)

  • Update e-mail contact lists for regional and Athens campus faculty.
  • Provide Blackboard site for each department with important information.
  • Make department forms easily accessible.
  • Include a list of important committees, with contact information provided for the committee chair (i.e., curriculum chair).
  • Create a system for effective communication of departmental curriculum issues with appropriate regional campus faculty.
  • Update the Athens department websites to include regional campus faculty
    • Include links to CVs for all faculty.
  • Organize the regional campus faculty directories by discipline
    • Link disciplines to corresponding Athens department.

Improve Communication about Campus Policies and Procedures

  • Identify the appropriate contact person/people for curricular issues (Quick link for each campus).
    • Facilitate communication between RHE faculty and department chairs concerning course delivery and instructor needs, as well as achievements or recognition (e.g., Blackboard site).
    • Establish bidirectional communication about policies and forms (e.g., faculty clearances, evaluation, follow up).
    • Share policies (Promotion / tenure, merit, via P&T-via Blackboard site).
  • P&T liaison as a facilitator for key issues at each campus to handle specific issues. - P&T chair.
    • Annual communication about P&T progress (ADC and/or P&T chairs will send department chairs in Athens a copy of annual evaluation letters).
  • Networking
    • Invite regional campus faculty to faculty development opportunities in Athens (i.e., workshops), and invite Athens faculty to faculty development opportunities on regional campuses.
    • Foster research collaborations between regional campus and Athens faculty.
    • Improve access to equipment and common labs in Athens for regional campus faculty.
  • Course evaluations - Implement Class Climate evaluations on regional campuses.

Improve Collegiality

  • Invite Athens department chairs and program directors to RHE retreats.
  • Invite regional faculty to Athens annually (conferences/meetings).
  • Consider departmental gatherings that include regional and Athens campus faculty.
  • Invite regional campus faculty to departmental meetings (considering using Skype/videoconferencing or conference call; vary meeting times).
    • Solicit feedback from all faculty for department meeting agenda items (e.g., Blackboard site or email list).
    • Disseminate minutes from departmental meetings to all faculty (e.g., Blackboard site or email list).