Ohio University

Program Review Committee


The Program Review Committee is concerned with cyclic review and evaluation of existing programs.

Program Review Committee Members

Bärbel Such, Modern Languages, Chair
Gordon Brooks, Educational Studies
Shea Burden, Accounting
Kristine Ensign, Applied Health Science and Wellness
Nukhet Sandal, Politcal Science
Lijing Yang, Counseling & Higher Education

Forms and Guidelines

Self Study Requirements approved 12-8-2015: Word
Restructured Academic Program Review Process: Word
Review of Centers and Institutes: Policy


Please note: If self-studies for the program review process are not submitted by the established due date, new courses, course changes, and/or program changes submitted by the program will not be reviewed by ICC or Programs. These documents will be held for review until the self-study is submitted.



December 14, 2020
Report - Word
Mechanical Engineering PDF

November 17, 2020
Report - Word
Mechanical Engineering PDF

October 13, 2020
Report - Word

September 15, 2020
Educational Studies PDF

Report - Word


April 28, 2020
Report - Word
Educational Studies PDF

April 14, 2020
Report - Word

March 17, 2020
Industrial and Systems Engineering
Applied Management
Technical and Applied Studies
Public Administration

Report - Word

February 11, 2020
Report - Word

First Readings
Nursing - PDF
Public Administration - PDF
Industrial and Systems Engineering - PDF
Applied Management - PDF
Technical and Applied Studies - PDF

January 21, 2020
Report - Word

December 3, 2019
Report - Word

November 5, 2019
Environmental Studies - Word

October 8, 2019
Report - PDF
Environmental Studies (First Reading) - PDF

September 10, 2019
Center for International Studies
Political Science
Counseling and Higher Education
Teacher Education
Office Administration Technology
Medical Assisting Technology

Report - Word PDF


April 30, 2019
Agenda Word

First Reading
Center for International Studies PDF
Political Science PDF
Counseling and Higher Education PDF
Teacher Education PDF
Office Administration Technology PDF
Medical Assisting Technology PDF

Mathematics PDF
Geography PDF
Computer Science PDF
Business Management PDF
Accounting Technology PDF
Electronic Media PDF

April 9, 2019
Agenda Word

First Reading
Mathematics PDF
Geography PDF
Computer Science PDF
Business Management PDF
Accounting Technology PDF
Electronic Media PDF

March 19, 2019
Agenda Word

February 12, 2019
Agenda Word

April 24, 2018
Aerospace Studies PDF
Economics PDF
Geological Sciences PDF
Sociology/Anthropology PDF
Women Gender & Sexuality Studies PDF

March 20, 2018

Criminal Justice PDF