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OUr Point: Weekly Bulletin from the Faculty Senate

Latest News

There will not be a January meeting.

The December 14, 2020 Faculty Senate meeting can be viewed on Microsoft Stream.

Latest Links:

Fall Planning: https://www.ohio.edu/coronavirus 

Zoom Internet Security https://www.forbes.com/sites/moorinsights/2020/04/03/why-most-should-avoid-the-out-of-control-zoom-right-now/#3e50101e397b 

Budget FAQ: https://www.ohio.edu/budget/faq

Staff Furloughs: https://www.ohio.edu/budget/furloughs

Health Benefits and Prescription Presentation by Greg Fialko - PDF

Ohio University Psychology and Social Work Clinic Telepsychology Services: https://www.ohio.edu/cas/psychology/community-resources/psychology-social-work-clinic

International Students Relief Fund: https://bobcatsgive.ohio.edu/?cfpage=project&project_id=36062

Blackboard Upgrade: PDF

Keep Teaching: Faculty Senate and Colleague Volunteers
Ohio University Faculty-to-Faculty Assistance with Online Courses

Word PDF

*This listing will be updated daily so check back for additional contacts if needed. Assistance with Blackboard and related online boarding will also be available through the colleges, OIT, and Instructional Design. If you have any questions about this listing of faculty, please contact Faculty Senate Chair Robin Muhammad at dearmon@ohio.edu.

Passed Resolutions
Pending Provost Signature

A resolution to modify undergraduate catalog of entry policy.

A resolution regarding the reinstatement of faculty Purchase Cards privileges. 

A resolution to support the Ohio Faculty Council.

Current Signed Resolutions

A resolution on Ohio Transfer Module Language.

PASSED January 6, 2021

A resolution to update the Faculty Handbook with inclusive pronouns. 

SIGNED November 15, 2020

A resolution amending the Faculty Handbook on student dress and appearance.

SIGNED September 14, 2020

A resolution to change promotion and tenure language in the Faculty Senate handbook necessitated by One Ohio. 

PASSED May 4, 2020

SIGNED July 9, 2020

A resolution to change Faculty Senate handbook language required for One Ohio.

PASSED May 4, 2020

SIGNED July 9, 2020