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B.A. in Theater

B.A. Theater

Bachelors of Arts

The B.A. in Theater is intended to serve students who want both a theater major and a broad liberal arts foundation. This degree program is tailored to students with varied talents and interests who will benefit from the rigorous artistic demands made by specialized courses in the School of Theater, while also meeting the challenges of a liberal arts education.

What You'll Learn

The B.A. program is designed for broad study. Students are encouraged to select courses that provide an emphasis for their work but will not concentrate exclusively on any one area of interest.

Students undertake a study of theater in the context of human concerns and activities, and acquire a solid foundation of coursework in the humanities, sciences, cultures, and languages.

The B.A. program also provides an opportunity to major in more than one discipline. Second majors such as English, history, creative writing, journalism, music, criminal justice administration, pre-law, and sociology have been successful choices.

Career Opportunities

Ohio University B.A. students have multiple options upon graduation. Many chose graduate study and use their double major to pursue successful careers in a wide variety of professions.

Students applying to the B.A. in Theater enter our program directly.