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The Ohio International Consortium (OIC) offers additional study abroad programs through other public universities in Ohio. The OIC is not a program provider - rather, it is an agreement that allows students at public Ohio colleges to access study away programs through other public Ohio colleges. 

Visit  Ohio International Consortium  for more information about the consortium and see which schools are members. NOTE: The information about the OIC is housed on the University of Toledo's website. 


  • Use your OHIO financial aid and scholarships package.  (Some exceptions may apply.)

  • You receive transfer credit and must complete a Foreign Study Checklist before you go.

  • Program length will vary depending on the university and term (short-term and long-term available).

Participating Institutions

How do I apply?

Prior to applying directly to the program through another public Ohio institution, the Office of Global Opportunities recommends that all students complete mandatory OHIO paperwork for transfer credit programs. This paperwork is called the Foreign Study Checklist (FSC). By completing the FSC first, students will have a better sense of how the program will affect their progress towards degree completion and their financial aid. 

Please review the suggested application steps on the types of programs - affiliated provider program(opens in a new window) page.

NOTE: OHIO students participating on another school's study away program should communicate with the host school's study abroad office. There may be additional steps required to apply. Not all programs offered through each school are eligible as a part of the OIC agreement. Please check with the host institution to find out about which programs may be open for outside applications. 

Funding Opportunities

More information on financial aid and scholarships can be found on our funding pages.(opens in a new window) Remember to apply for scholarships through the program provider. If you are an Ohio resident, please consider the OIC scholarships.