Ohio University

Recommendations for Teaching Online

The following guidance is provided from instructional designers in the Office of Instructional Innovation. For more questions about online teaching strategies, you may reach out to one of them directly. Visit the Contact page for their contact information.

Be Active

Provide timely feedback on course work and be inviting and welcoming to the course.

Organize Intuitively

Be clear on where to locate things in your course, give students instructions, and send out reminders. Review these tips for organizing your course in Blackboard.

Use Available Resources

Focus on using accessible digital resources, incorporate text and multimedia sources, and use resources from the University’s library systems.

Engage Students

Provide students with educational experiences that are challenging and enriching. Allow students to work together in groups, and promote dialogue and discussions between students.

Flip the Environment

Try to put as much information as possible into the asynchronous (flipped) environment. Keep synchronous meetings for complex material. Read about tools for asynchronous course content.