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Phish Bowl

The Phish Bowl is a new tool designed to promote phishing awareness. Phishing is the top social attack on businesses, responsible for more than 90% of security breaches. There is no concrete way to prevent phishing attacks, meaning awareness is our strongest line of defense. As phishing messages are reported, they will be posted here along with a verdict and a date. Phishing messages come in a variety of formats. Be sure to check out types of phishing messages to see common phishing attempts the University receives.

Did you receive an email with questionable legitimacy? Report it to security@ohio.edu, and a Security Analyst will investigate the message. They will provide a confirmation about the emails legitimacy and post it here depending on the impact and how elaborate the message is. Below is a searchable table that shows reported phishing messages that OHIO employees and students have received.

There are reports of an uptick in Coronavirus-related scams. For more information, check out Coronavirus advice from the FTC.

Verdict Subject Date Abstract
Confirmed Phish

Dear [Insert Name],

 I am pleased to offer you the position to work as my PA.....

Confirmed Phish
Ohio Alert 10/22/2020

Your Ohio edu account will be deactivated shortly

Confirmed Phish
Re: [Subject of a Previous Message] 10/06/2020

Phish leverages reply feature from a compromised user's inbox appending malicious link to document in the reply. Wording such as "Review the attached docs. We need your reaction. OPEN THE DOCUMENT" is used to motivate the victim to click. 


Confirmed Phish

Dear students,
Ohio University Health professionals.....

Legitimate Email
Drug Free Workplace Reminder 09/30/2020

Verified legitimate University Human Resources communication. Drug-free workplace information.

Confirmed Phish
22 September, 2020, Office | Ohio Ref- #30945e06-f3c7-4de8-a843-083ba99ebe2f 09/22/2020

We have detected a message that did not reach you...

Confirmed Phish
WORK STUDY 09/21/2020

Dear Interns,

My name is Dr DONALD KITTINGER..and I am the Online employment co-ordinator for Human resources  employment team.

Confirmed Phish
Fwd: [Recent Subject From Your Mailbox] 09/11/2020

This malicious email uses familiar subject line and message with an additional malicious link. Greetings! Document password:: 1314

Confirmed Phish
Update 09/08/2020

Your ohio edu account will be De-activated shortly

Confirmed Phish
Flexible Job Oppurtunity ( Student and Staff) Ohio University 09/08/2020

Dear Students and Staffs

You have been offered a Job Opportunity at the convenience of your home During this period
This job can be done at your leisure, taking at most 2-3 times a week and earn up to $450 weekly


Confirmed Phish
MEMO FROM HR 09/03/2020


You have a message from the Human Resources Department

Confirmed Phish
Send me your available cell number 09/02/2020

Send me your available cell number

Confirmed Phish
Ohio Alert... 08/31/2020

Your ohio edu account will be De-activated shortly
To stop De-activation Click Here and Log In
IT Help Desk.

Confirmed Phish
<empty> 08/28/2020

Kindly send me your personal phone number,I’ll need you to help me complete a task asap.

Legitimate Email
Cybersecurity incident: no action required 08/25/2020

Dear alumni and friends of Ohio University,

Confirmed Phish
Departmental Evaluation Plans.docx 08/06/2020

itsservice402 has shared the following document:

Confirmed Phish
Athletics Evaluation Plans.docx 08/06/2020

itsservice401 has shared the following document:

Confirmed Phish
REQUEST 08/05/2020

Are you free at the moment?

Confirmed Phish
JOB FORUM or JOBFORUM 08/03/2020


Brand Ambassador

Confirmed Phish
Xerox_Scan 380263 08/03/2020

You have received a document from a Xerox Scanner