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Science Cafe and Cafe Conversation Series

Join us Wednesdays at 5:00 pm at the Ohio University Baker Center Front Room for a topical discussion hosted by guest faculty speaker. Science Cafés and Café Conversations are venues for students to informally share their interests with faculty presenters, staff, and the community in a friendly setting.

Science Cafe and Cafe Conversation Series

We are working toward live captioning of the cafes for future events. In the mean while we are uploading videos to YouTube that should provide captioning within 24 hours. Any individual who needs captioning in order to access a video can also contact male-bru@ohio.edu.

Fall Semester 2019
Sept. 18: Guy Riefler, Professor, Civil Engineering, "Cleaning up Pollution by Turning It into Paint," video  
Sept. 25: Felipe Aros-Vera, Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, "Interconnected Networked Societies:  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly," video 
Oct. 2:   Rebekah Crawford, Visiting Professor, Social and Public Health, "The Prevalence and Pitfalls of Seeking Emotional Support through Religious Organizations," video
Oct. 16: Shiyong Wu Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Director, Edison Biotechnology Institute, "Solar Ultraviolet Light, Friend or Foe," video
Oct. 30Shannon Nicks, Assistant Professor, Social and Public Health, "Improving Rural Breast Cancer Inequities: Is Psychosocial Health the Key?," video
Nov. 13: Deb McAvoy, Professor, Civil Engineering, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Are We Headed for a Crash?, video
Dec. 4: Cory Cronin, Assistant Professor, Social and Public Health, What Does the "Community' in Community Hospital Really Mean?," video

Spring Semester 2020
Jan. 22: Daniel Karney, Assistant Professor, Economics, "The Future of US Climate Policy," video
Feb. 5: Don Miles, Professor, Biological Sciences, "Will Cool Lizards Succumb to a Hot Climate," video
Feb. 19:Rebecca Snell, Assistant Professor, Environmental and Plant Biology, "How Will Forests Respond to Climate Change?" video
Feb. 26: Luke Pittaway, Professor, Management, "Spaces for Entrepreneurship Education:  A New Arms Race?", video
NOTE: this cafe will be in the CoLab, 3rd floor Alden Library.
Mar. 4: Andrew Weems, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, "3D Printing a Better Future: Healthcare and Sustainability Considerations," video
Cancelled Mar. 18: Nathan Weyand, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences, "Antibiotic Resistance & Protective Blood," video
Cancelled Apr. 1: Peter Harrington, Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, video


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