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Catching up with OHIO-in-LA: Q & A with Stazy Mazo

Catching up with OHIO-in-LA: Q & A with Stazy Mazo

Stazy Mazo is a fourth-year screenwriting and producing major living in Columbus this semester while she participates in OHIO-in-LA virtually.

This piece is part of our series on OHIO-in-LA, a study away opportunity for students interested in media careers. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the program is being conducted virtually this semester but will still provide students with LA-based internships, mentors and production experience. We'll be checking in via stories like this and on social media to see how the experience is going.


Q: What career(s) are you interested in?

A: Right now, I'm most interested in unscripted TV, such as being a story producer for reality TV, etc. But I also love film and would love to work on narrative films eventually as well.

Q: What made you want to participate in the virtual OHIO-in-LA program?

A: I decided to do the virtual LA program because as heartbreaking as it is that the in-person program was canceled, there's still so much room for growth and opportunities to be had while also saving a ton of money and staying safer from COVID. Especially because most of Hollywood is operating remotely right now anyway.

Q: What do you hope to gain from the virtual experience?

A: I hope to gain a lot of great relationships from this experience as well as some interesting "hands-on" experience. I think anyone who is entering this field during such a challenging time and is able to still do a good job will have very valuable skills moving forward in our careers.

Q: Do you plan to submit a script for the production project?

A: This Is still up in the air for me. I was in kind of a slump trying to figure out an idea for a more "virtual-based" shoot such as utilizing Zoom, FaceTime, etc. But we recently found out we will likely be able to shoot in Athens, so I think I'm going to brainstorm some more in the following days!

Q: What kind of internship are you hoping to get this semester?

A: Very recently I found out I received an Internship at an unscripted production company called Scout Productions. It Is a dream company for me so to say this is the kind of internship I was hoping for is an understatement. It is three days a week so I am still looking for another internship, possibly in development, production, or talent management for the other two days of the week!

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: My main goal after graduation is definitely to move to LA, whether that be through the LA program again if it is in-person next summer or on my own. I love California and it has always been my goal to move to LA when I graduate. It's such a scary/risky thing but I think the best things in life always are! Even though things are so scary and uncertain in our world right now, I'm truly looking forward to my future (and future career)!