Ohio University

Promotional Storytelling Independent Study

New for fall 2019, Promotional Storytelling is a course for creative, self-directed students who are ready to take on a challenge and connect with a professional mentor. Current Scripps students will work on an independent basis with alumni mentors to identify and produce promotional material about the college for course credit.

Students will:

  • Hone professional skills in their preferred disciplines

    • PR

    • Content production

    • Writing
    • Video
    • Social media
  • Connect with an alumni mentor in your field
  • Help the college share our stories

Here are some possible projects:

  • Develop and execute a promotional campaign for a faculty member’s upcoming publication

  • Write a feature story about a student publication, club or organization

  • Conduct an assessment and implement an improvement plan for a school’s or student organization’s social media platform

  • Produce a video series about cult-favorite courses and the faculty members who make them special

Our available publication platforms include:

  • The college home page’s news section and Compass
  • PR Newswire
  • The college’s blog platform
  • Prospective student communication, daily visits, large visit programs
  • Web pages
  • Social media

Interested in learning more? Contact course supervisor Andy Alexander.