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Harris Student Support Center

Serving the students of the Scripps College of Communication

The Harris Student Support Center is made possible by a generous gift from Leon and Dawn Harris, both 1983 graduates of the Ohio University Scripps College of Communication.

Our staff focuses on providing students with holistic one-on-one advising and building relationships with students to foster academic success. One of our goals is to provide intensive support for at-risk students and students on academic probation.


What will you gain from academic advising?

  • Informed guidance that will assist you as you make decisions about your academic goals.
  • An understanding of campus resources and academic programs.
  • Skills such as reading your DARS, using the Online Undergraduate Catalog, and using the online tools available to you for degree planning.
  • An understanding of opportunities available to you that will enhance your academic experience—internships, campus involvement opportunities, etc.

Where do I go if I need to... ?

The Harris Student Support Center (Appointment Needed):

  • Get help with internships, resumes or job search: Email Karen Peters at petersk@ohio.edu
  • Schedule a graduation check (First two weeks in fall & spring semesters, 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m.; evening hours may also be offered.)
  • Ask questions about my DARS
  • Approve education abroad courses (Bring paperwork from Global Opportunities & paper copy of courses/descriptions you plan to take): Email Greg Moeller at moellerg@ohio.edu
  • Get permission to take a class pass/fail: Email scripps-success@ohio.edu
  • Complete a Satisfactory Academic Progress form: Email scripps-success@ohio.edu
  • Petition for reinstatement after academic dismissal: Email scripps-success@ohio.edu
  • Withdraw from classes on or after the first day of classes
  • Receive academic probation or advising to improve your GPA: Email scripps-success@ ohio.edu
  • Add a course after the second week of classes (Must have green permission slip from instructor.)
  • Take classes at another university/transfer credit evaluation questions: Email scripps-success@ohio.edu
  • Ask about Don Perris and Scripps Howard Internship Scholarships: Email Karen Peters at petersk@ohio.edu
  • Get permission to take more than 20 credit hours (Academic advisor MUST first send email to scripps-success@ohio.edu with max hours permitted.)
  • Apply for a tuition appeal Tuition Appeal Form, Medical Documentation Form & Info: Email Greg Moeller at moellerg@ohio.edu

Your School/Advisor

  • Add OR drop a certificate
  • Add OR drop a minor (Exceptions: If you declared a minor in dance or film, go to Jennings House first.)
  • Change to a different sequence/major within my school
  • Declare or change related area (COMS), corollary (MDIA), specialization (JOUR, VICO), or area of concentration (ITS)
  • Change my advisor
  • Earn internship credit
  • Get permission to take more than 20 credit hours: Advisor must send email to scripps-success@ohio.edu with MAX hours you are permitted BEFORE you go to the Harris Student Support Center for the permission form.
  • Lift my registration hold
  • Substitute or waive major or college requirements on my DARS Note: Tier I, Tier II & Tier III requirements cannot be waived nor substitutions made.




Assistant Dean for Student Success
Schoonover Center 123, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701
Senior Strategist for Academic Success
Schoonover Center 123, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701

Our Schools & Contact Info

School of Communication Studies
Schoonover 400 | 740.593.4842

J. Warren McClure School of Emerging Communication Technologies
Schoonover 360 | 740.593.4890

E.W. Scripps School of Journalism
Schoonover 200 | 740.593.2539

School of Media Arts & Studies
Schoonover 300 | 740.593.4860

School of Visual Communication
Schoonover 250 | 740.593.4898

Additional Student Resources