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Business Management Technology

Business Management Technology


Ohio University Proctorville offers a two-year program of study in Business Management Technology (BMT). Courses offered take a management approach to the functional areas of business operations including sales, marketing, operations, supervision, planning, and distribution. The BMT program includes a concentration requirement that provides students with opportunities for course work that more specifically prepares them for career aspirations. Concentration areas are determined with a student's advisor and include two 3-credit hour courses in areas such as marketing, quality control, real estate, organizational communication, computer technology, finance, accounting technology, electronic media and others.

Graduation Requirements:

The minimum requirement for the Associate in Applied Business (A.A.B.) or degree is the completion of 63 credits with a 2.0 accumulative GPA upon graduation. A maximum of 15 credits earned through the experiential learning may be applied to any technical associate degree. You must earn a minimum of 18 semester credit hours while enrolled at Ohio University, and you must earn a minimum of 50 percent of coursework taken to fulfill your major concentration in residence with resident credit as defined in the Graduation Requirements - University-wide section. You also must meet Ohio University General Education requirements for associate degrees. (See Graduation Requirements - University-wide  section)To earn a technical associate degree, you must complete an Application for Update of Program(s), available from any college office or regional campus of student services.


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Kim Riley, DBA, CPA, CFE

Director of Business Studies

Business Management Technology


Office: D221


Ella McCown Jones, JD, CPA, MBA

Associate Professor

Business Management Technology