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Ohio University and Mountwest Partnership



Earning an associate degree from Mountwest can be just the start of your education. Through a partnership with Ohio University, you can earn a bachelor's degree by taking courses from Mountwest and Ohio University. The partnership program gives you credit for classes you take while earning your associate degree. After completing your associate degree, you will take additional courses from Mountwest, while other courses will be completed at Ohio University, either online or in-person right across the river at the Ohio University Proctorville Center or at the Southern Campus in Ironton, Ohio.

Degree Options

You can choose from either a Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (B.T.A.S.), a Bachelor of Criminal Justice (B.C.J.), or a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (B.S.A.M.).

The B.T.A.S. degree is for students who have an associate degree in a technical field. This degree is ideal for someone who wants to work in management or an administrative position within their technical field such as engineering, electronics, health, business and more!

The B.C.J. degree is intended for students who have already completed an applied associate degree in the criminal justice. Students who earn the B.C.J. will be ready for a career in law enforcement administration, corrections, forensic chemistry, pre-law, probation, and parole, among other career fields.

The B.S.A.M. degree is intended for those who have completed an associate degree or two-year degree program and want to build knowledge and skills necessary for advancement in the field of management.

Save Money


A bachelor's degree is within your financial reach. You will pay the Mountwest tuition rate for all classes taken at Mountwest and a special low rate for Ohio University courses.


Mountwest students who have an applied associate degree from Mountwest Community & Technical College can earn an Ohio University bachelor’s degree without leaving the Huntington area. The courses you must take from Ohio University can be completed online, but Mountwest students also have the convenient option of in-person classes at OU Proctorville Center or at OU Southern Campus in Ironton. Click here to learn more.


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Stephanie Burcham