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Our team provides content support in the form of profile or feature stories of Division programming, resources, staff and students, and event promotion. We also feature content in division newsletters as well as provide copy editing of content you create. We prioritize the audience in everything we produce and will work with you to choose the right format and narrative to share your information.

Email Templates

To streamline the email process, templates and distribution email lists will be provided for each department. Access to these templated emails will save you and your team time! Our team will still aid in development of email content, but you will be able to build and distribute. To submit a request, fill out the email request form.

Access templates

Best Practices

We have developed our best practices based on extensive research both on our own audiences and industry standards.  We advise you to use these best practices so that you can efficiently and effectively share your message with the correct audience in the way they are most receptive to it. 

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Is your project a department priority?

Our team provides support for University and Division priorities. We also develop communication and marketing strategy for department priorities, determined annually. These priorities are the primary projects we complete for departments. However, we welcome the opportunity to say yes to additional projects! If your project falls within the required timelines please complete this content request form, and your account executive will follow up to let you know about our capacity.

Does your project fall within the timelines?

Communication and marketing take time, and our team dedicates the necessary time to ensure proper research, strategy and consideration go into everything we produce. For a reminder of our timelines, visit our services and timelines page.

If not a priority or outside the timelines, we have resources for you!

If your project doesn’t fall within our timelines or is not a priority for your department, don’t despair! We never want our division colleagues to be without resources. Visit our library of best practices and resources web page.