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Our design team supports the Division by providing visual direction and artwork to all departments. Some examples of our work includes template creation, brand and campaign development, visual concept development, digital graphics, print materials, large format design and facilities signage. Design takes research and thoughtful creative and visual decisions, please see our timelines to ensure that your project falls within them.

Is your project a department priority?

Our team provides strategic support for University and Division priorities. We also develop communication and marketing strategy for department priorities, determined annually. These priorities are the primary projects we complete for departments. However, we welcome the opportunity to say yes to additional projects! If your project falls within the required timelines please complete this creative request form, and your account exec will follow up to let you know about our capacity.

If not a priority or outside the timelines, we have resources for you!

If your project doesn’t fall within our timelines or is not a priority for your department, don’t despair! We never want our division colleagues to be without resources. Visit our library of design templates and logos to meet your deadlines.

I’m using a template, but I’m not a designer. HELP!!

We’ve created a brand and design best practices guide to assist you in thinking about crucial design elements and to adhere to the Ohio University brand. Designing may seem intimidating, but if you follow these helpful tips and tricks, you will create a visually pleasing element to promote your department or program.

I need additional resources for my department needs.

If you need additional resources or help, University Communications and Marketing is a resource available to constituents across campus.