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Social Media

Our social media team is happy to work with you to determine the best way to share your news and content and promote your programs. Based on research and analytics, we are excited to start an initiative to increase our reach, engagement and the value we provide to our audiences by taking the 40+ social media accounts that we currently run to under a dozen. This will help us do a better job of telling your stories and sharing your messages — and will ensure we serve the audience with streamlined access to information about student life!

Division Priority Channels

Our team will manage the Division priority channels, and we are open to sharing information from Division departments and organizations on these accounts. We are able to do micro-promotions for events, long-term campaigns and can provide analytics reports.

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Know Your Audience

Our team makes sure that our posts are interesting and relevant to each account’s target audience. As a result, we may recommend a different platform or account and may work with you to develop the strongest message so that we can do the best job of promoting you!

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Developing Social Media Campaigns

When you are working with your account executive to share information on SACM’s Division social media accounts, please consider the following items:

  • Do you want your message posted from our consolidated Division social media accounts, or would you like us to share or retweet posts that are written on your own social media accounts?
    • If you want the posts to be sent from an SACM Divisional account, do you want to write the posts and have SACM edit them or have SACM write them?
  • What about this post will most interest your audience?
  • What are your deadlines? Check here to ensure they fall within the SACM timelines.
  • Where does your content fall within the 70-20-10 rule? And, is it possible to adapt the content to be within the 70? Not sure what the 70-20-10 rule is? Check out our social media best practices web page.

We have developed our social media best practices after extensive research on our own audiences and industry standards.  We advise you to use these best practices so that you can efficiently and effectively share your message with the correct audience in the way they are most. 

Is your project a department priority?

Our team provides support for University and Division priorities. We also develop communication and marketing strategy for department priorities, determined annually. These priorities are the primary projects we complete for departments. However, we welcome the opportunity to say yes to additional projects! If your project falls within the required timelines please complete this content request form, and your account executive will follow up to let you know about our capacity.

Does your project fall within the timelines?

Communication and marketing take time, and our team dedicates the necessary time to ensure proper research, strategy and consideration go into everything we produce. For a reminder of our timelines, visit our services and timelines page.

If not a priority or outside the timelines, we have resources for you!

If your project doesn’t fall within our timelines or is not a priority for your department, don’t despair! We never want our division colleagues to be without resources. Visit our library of best practices and resources web page.