Ohio University

Web Support

Our team provides strategic support for University and Division priorities, such as providing a window into the robust student life experience at OHIO through the Divison's many websites. We provide annual trainings to our Division colleagues on web editing and following user experience and accessibility best practices. The SACM web team's primary role is to oversee and enhance the user experience of Division websites.  

Is your edit a surface level content change, document upload, or staff listing update?

If you have attended one of our Division web trainings, then you are able to make these changes independently. If you have not attended such a training, check with others in your department to determine who has been designated as a web publisher for your area.

If you are having trouble, you can visit OIT’s Web CMS (Drupal) help page to review Drupal usage. If you get stuck and can’t move forward, contact the OIT Help Desk for assistance completing your edit.

Are you requesting edits to the structure of your navigation, design of your home page, or overall website?

Good user experience design takes time, research, and strategy. Our team will evaluate all 35+ division sites in the next several years, in order according to audience needs and division priorities. In order to make progress toward that goal, we need to table large structure, design, and overall changes until your site is next in line for a user experience evaluation.

We encourage you to wait for your user experience evaluation to make major changes, but if you feel that urgent changes are necessary you can reach out to OIT to see if they would be willing to take on your project.

We can help you determine if your request would be classified into a user experience evaluation. Submit a web request form and we will let you know if we recommend waiting for your UX review.

Are you requesting a new web page, edits to a home page or navigation menu, or other major formatting changes?

We’re here to help! Please submit a web request form and provide adequate information for us to complete your request and contact you. We will consider best practices for the user experience and web accessibility in our approach when responding to your request. We will be in touch when the request is complete. Our team does our best to meet your desired deadlines. We cannot always accommodate rush requests. Timelines are variable by project scope.

Are you requesting a new website?

New websites require collaboration with OIT, and we will need to work with them to establish a timeline and game plan. Please reach out to your account executive to discuss the possibility of a new website.