Ohio University

Breakthrough Objective: Learning Goals


The OHIO Division of Student Affairs will create, measure and improve upon common student learning outcomes across departments.

Key Results

  • 2A: Conduct a learning goal audit to see what is already being done to meet our DOSA learning goals of the eight core competencies. This audit will determine which goals fit within the mission and scope of each department.
  • 2B: Compile departmental competencies and skills for all learning goals across the entire division. Identify divisional gaps in the delivery of the goals. In collaboration with this committee, each department will examine the effectiveness of the assessment tools used to measure learning goals. Communicate results with division.

Year one updates Year Two updates

Accomplished in Fall 2019

  • Supported each DOSA department in developing and presenting assessment plans, aligning with at least one of the Learning Goals
  • Set date for the first DOSA Data Gala – June 8, 2020 at Walter Hall Rotunda
  • Facilitated the first DOSA Wednesday Workshop on assessment
  • Welcomed, on boarded and engaged our second cohort of committee members

Next for Spring 2020

  • Support departments through implementation of their assessment plans
  • Sub-committee to enhance DOSA’s knowledge and fluency of the eight Learning Goals
  • Sub-committee to focus on data collection, tools and use
  • Host the Data Gala showcasing DOSA’s progress and results

Committee for Learning Goals


Gwyn Scott, associate vice president, Auxiliaries


Taylor Tackett, assistant dean of students and director, Community Standards and Student Responsibility

Staffed by

  • Valerie Denney, executive assistant, Auxiliaries
  • Kim Hoover, director of residence life, Housing and Residence Life
  • Johnna Matulja, associate director, Housing and Residence Life Marketing and Business Operations
  • Zach McGrain, associate director for career development integration, Career and Leadership Development Center
  • Rich Neumann, director, Culinary Services
  • David Nguyen, external contributor
  • Caitlin Oiler, records management senior specialist, Community Standards and Student Responsibility
  • Jim Sand, assistant director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Megan Vogel, special assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and director of resource administration, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Judd Walker, assistant director, Outdoor Recreation and Education, Campus Recreation
  • Regina Warfel, research and assessment analyst, Career and Leadership Development Center
  • Evan Wilkof, operations coordinator, Event Services
  • Cynthia Cogswell, director of strategic planning and assessment, Division of Student Affairs


If you are interested in joining the committee, attending meetings, or viewing meeting minutes, please contact Valerie Denney at denney@ohio.edu.