Ohio University


The most important thing during this transition is to check any and all messages from both the University and your professors. The University will send updates about changes on the OHIO Alerts page and via Catmail.

Your instructor will specify what communication method will be used in your specific course (email, Blackboard, etc.).

For information about Microsoft Teams, visit the Tools for Online Learning page.


    Ohio University Email

    Catmail is the University-supported email software. All University-related emails will come to your Catmail address. Your instructor also can send you emails through Blackboard. For security reasons, do not forward your OHIO email address to your personal email account—you may miss important notifications.


    Blackboard Announcements

    Your professor may send updates and information via Blackboard announcements. These will appear in the "My Announcements" section on your Blackboard account. Faculty do not always turn on email notifications for new announcements, so be sure to check your announcements regularly. Read more about Blackboard in the "Tools" section below.