Ohio University

Minor in Communications Studies

Scripps College of Communication Studies

Minor in Communication Studies Minor Code: ORCOMS

The Communication Studies minor offers students an opportunity to learn the foundations of communication in var- ious contexts including cultural, group, and interpersonal contexts. Students extend their study through the selec- tion of electives.

Admission Requirements

Freshman/First-Year Students: Enrollment in the minor entails no requirements beyond University admi ssion requirements.

Current OU Zanesville Students: Adding the Communication Studies minor requires a minimum 2.0 gpa.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

A Minor in Communication Studies is perfect preparation for a career in corporate training, foreign service, law, pol- itics, labor relations, human services, campaign management, event planning, account representation, sales man- agement, survey research, and many other professions.

Program Requirements

Completion of the Communication Studies minor requires 18 semester hours from among the following:

COMS 1030—Fundamentals of Public Speaking: 3hrs

Choose two of the following:

COMS 1100—Communication Among Cultures: 3hrs
COMS 2050—Techniques of Group Communication: 3hrs
COMS 2060—Communication & Interpersonal Relationships: 3hrs COMS 2150 —Argumentation Analysis & Advocacy: 3hrs

Choose three of the following (at least 2 of the courses must be at the 3000 or 4000 level):

Contact Information: Dr. Sheida Shirvani; shirvani@ohio.edu, 740.588.1499 or Dr. Rita Ng; ng@ohio.edu, 740.588.1518