Ohio University

Minor in History

College of Arts & Sciences

Minor in History Degree Code: OR4211

The History minor is an excellent choice for students looking to supplement their primary fields of study with historical context or who just have a passion for history. Students from all colleges and departments across Ohio University Zanesville have chosen the minor due to its flexibility and the way it compliments the University’s General Education requirement.

Admission Requirements

Freshman/First-Year Students: Enrollment in the History minor entails no requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Current OU Zanesville Students: Adding the History minor requires a minimum 2.0 gpa, for assistance in adding the minor please contact Korcaighe Hale or Morten Bach

Opportunities Upon Graduation

A knowledge of history allows students to explore different cultures and develop analytical abilities necessary for succeeding in our increasingly globalized society. The history minor can enrich applications for jobs in many fields, including business, healthcare, and education by illustrating a student’s willingness to persevere in a demanding scholarly field.

Program Requirements

Completion of the History minor requires a minimum of 18 semester hours. You may choose no more then two of the following courses:

HIST 1210—Western Civilization: Antiquity to 1500: 3hrs
HIST 1220—Western Civilization: Modernity to from 1500: 3hrs HIST 1320—Introduction to World History before 1750: 3hrs HIST 1330—Introduction to World History Since 1750: 3hrs HIST 2000—Survey of United States History, 1600-1877: 3hrs HIST 2010—Survey of United States History, 1865-Present: 3hrs

Advanced Course Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 18 hours of History coursework. Students may choose to complete all 18 hours above HIST 2010.

Contact Information

Dr. Korcaighe Hale, halek@ohio.edu or 740.588.1545 OR Morten Bach, bach@ohio.edu or 740.588.1540