Ohio University

Minor in Psychology

College of Arts & Sciences

Minor in PsychologyMinor Code: OR4101

The Psychology minor provides students with an introduction to the breadth of the discipline of psychology. Students will gain knowledge in substantive areas of psychology, such as biological, cognitive, developmental, clinical, and social psychology.

Admission Requirements

Freshman/First-Year Students: Enrollment in the Psychology minor entails no requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Current OU Zanesville Students: Adding the Psychology minor requires a minimum 2.0 gpa.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

The knowledge and skills obtained with the Psychology minor will serve students well in a variety of occupations such as business, social and human services, medicine, law, education, and research just to name a few.

Program Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of 21 semester hours from the following:

PSY 1010—General Psychology: 3hrs

Choose ONE of the following:

PSY 1110—Elementary Statistical Reasoning: 3hrs PSY 2110—Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences: 4hrs

Choose three of the following five:

PSY 2210—Physiological Psychology: 3hrs
PSY 2310—Cognitive Psychology: 3hrs
PSY 2410—Child & Adolescent Psychology: 3hrs PSY 2510—Social Psychology: 3hrs
PSY 2710—Abnormal Psychology: 3hrs

Choose two courses at the 3000-level or higher:

(Excluding PSY 3910, 3920, 3940, 3970T, 3980T, 4930, 4970T, 4980H, 4980T, & 4990H) Contact Information:

Dr. Frank LoSchiavo; loschiav@ohio.edu, 588.1522 Dr. Dev Poling; polingd1@ohio.edu, 588.1539