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Minor in Social Work

College of Health Science & Professions

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (B.S.W)

The undergraduate program in social work prepares students for beginning generalist social work practice at the undergraduate level which involves the capacity to apply knowledge, skills and values to assess a range of situations and the ability to work with individuals, groups, larger organizations, and communities from a wide variety of perspectives. Students will complete course work in human behavior and the social environment, social welfare history and policy, research, social work practice methods, and field instruction. As students progress, they will develop the skills for intervening at a generalist level with individuals, groups, organiza- tions, families and communities. Upon graduation, students will be prepared as a baccalaureate-level social work practitioner with a strong foundation in liberal arts. Our program has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education since 1974.

Program Requirements

Admission to the major is divided into two stages: pre-major and major. First year students may be admitted as pre-majors. Other Ohio University students and transfer students from other institutions are required to submit a fully completed “Application for Major Status” including a personal essay, documentation of human service experience and two letters of reference to the department administrator in 416 Morton Hall by the end of the second full week of fall or spring semester. To be considered for admission, students are required to have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5. In addition, they must have completed the following:

1. SW 1000 & SW 2601 with a minimum grade of ‘C’ in both courses
2. BIOS 1030, PSY 1010, PSY 2110, and PSY 2410, as well as one course in any of the four areas: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, or Sociology
3. ENG 1510 & MATH Tier I (MATH 1200 recommended)
4. A paid or volunteer experience in the area of social work (20 hours)

Opportunities Upon Graduation

A bachelors degree in social work allows the graduate to pursue employment in many different fields includ- ing child welfare, mental health services, foster care and residential treatment, adoption services, and in nurs- ing homes, schools, governmental agencies and medical facilities. Social workers at the bachelors level may work with many different populations, including children, adolescents, families, adults, and elderly persons. People with mental health/behavioral health issues, developmental disabilities, veterans, individuals experi- encing domestic violence and chronic illness and many other individuals and groups frequently seek services from agencies where social workers are employed. Additionally, social workers may be employed at agencies that advocate for clients and develop and implement social policy based on client needs. Social workers are also employed as administrators in many social service agencies and organizations. Surveys of graduates show high levels of satisfaction with the educational program and high employment rates in the field of social work and human services.


College of Health Science & Professions

Bachelor of Science in Social Work (B.S.W)

1st Year - suggested courses

SW 1000 Intro to Social Work 3

ENG 1510 Freshman Composition 3

MATH 1200 College Algebra 4

BIOS 1030 Human Biology 3

PSY 1010 General Psychology 3

POLS **** 3

ANTH **** 3

Natural Science (approved) 3

Humanities (approved) 3

Electives 3


2nd Year - suggested courses

SW 2601 Social Welfare Overview & Trends 3

PSY 2110 Stats for the Behavioral Sciences 4

PSY 2410 Child & Adolescent Psychology 3

ECON **** 3

SOC **** 3

TIER II Humanities (2HL) 3

Tier II Natural Science (2NS) 3

Social Science (approved) 3

Humanities (approved) 3

Electives 3


3rd Year - suggested courses

SW 3602 Social Welfare Policy 3

SW 3701 Dynamics of Human Behavior 3

SW 3801 Intro to Social Work Practice Methods 3

SW 3940 Research Methods in Social Work 3

ENG ****J Junior Composition 3

PSY 2710 Abnormal Psychology 3

PSY **** (Psychology minor) 3

Natural Science (approved) 3

Elective 6



4th Year - suggested courses

SW 4801 Social Work Practice I 3

SW 4802 Social Work Practice II 3

SW 4921 Field Seminar I 2

SW 4922 Field Seminar II 2

SW 4923 Field Practicum I 6

SW 4924 Field Practicum II 6

PSY **** (Psychology minor) 3

Electives 5



*Please note, the above classes represent a sample curriculum for the Social Work program at Ohio University Za- nesville. Students should consult their advisor and semester course offerings to determine the appropriate class sched- ule each term